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How do you get around info-dumping?

One of the more mysterious questions to come across as a writer: why is info-dumping so hard to avoid? Despite my best efforts, I still way too often come across it in my drafts during editing…even though I set out to write with the firm intention not to info-dump…every time!

Oh and by the way, it doesn’t seem to matter how well (or badly) my story is researched. The urge to overpopulate my writing with meaningless detail that no reader will appreciate simply seems ingrained in me.

Whilst I can easily spot info-dumping as a reader (or with my editor hat on), it seems that my unruly writer-self is simply oblivious to it whilst writing is in progress. So annoying!

So, on this occasion I don’t have any advice for you readers out there but I sure hope that somebody more experienced than me might read this and have some useful advice for me on my long and tiring journey.

See ya next time 😉

If you have any good ideas or even success stories to share around how to get rid of (or at least reign in) the pesky habit of info-dumping in novels, short stories, or any other works of fiction, please let me know in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “How do you get around info-dumping?

  1. In Brandon Sanderson’s YouTube lectures, he likens info-dumping to hiding vegetables in his kids’ sausages. You pepper them in with the action so that the readers don’t know that they’re actually being dumped on. Has helped me look at exposition differently.

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  2. Hurray! That sounds like an excellent analogy! I’ll bear it in mind and will definitely check out the YouTube lectures you mention! Feeling much better about this already. Many thanks! 😊


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